by Jawncarlo

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Tealex This album really is a random act of kindness- I have no idea where it came from, I didn't see it coming; i wasn't looking for it then BOOM, smooth excellence ensues. Favorite track: Remember?.
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released March 31, 2017



all rights reserved


Jawncarlo Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Break Up Song
I wake up to an empty bed because I've become nothing. and I've done nothing. I can't even watch my favorite shows cause we started them together. So i'll just watch old videos

you stole my sense of self. So when you stop loving me I'm nothing.
Just get me the hell out of here and give me reason to get through the season.

Every night's been the same. I just sleep myself to drink. And I broke all my teeth with the lies that i told me. You always smelled like smoke and cold air now the winter just taunts me. It sticks its tongue out at me and it bears its teeth and laughs.
Track Name: My tiny cousin
do you see me standing there?
back and foot against the wall
thumbs inside my pockets,
leather jacket on
and of course that paint is wet
its on my shoe and my jacket
and id go run and hide
but you would follow my footsteps

then you said "hey man you got paint there"
"thanks, ass cause i didnt know"
then you said "hey man, i was just playin"
you thought my face was red before?

later in the summer
fell asleep upon the beach
my shades began to melt
right on to my face
and oh boy, my skin was burnin
and you come runnin up
hand me an invitation
to a party comin up

you said "it's not a parTY, it's a parTAY"
"sounds fun, but i think im ok"
"fine man, don't swing by then!"
you thought my face was red before?
now I look like a match

Hey man, just stay outta my way.

but you know I love you more than anything
Track Name: All My Lovin'
Hey there sugar, why you lookin so glum?
I can see you there just twiddling your thumbs
I need you right here by my side
so I can finally ask u out tn

but i remember what you said to me

I can't give you all my lovin'
but you told me all or nothin
I need you to be careful with my heart
If you break my heart in two
I'm gonna mail a bill to you
but nothing's gonna pay for my broken heart

Well I have been looking for a girl like you
you know, one who cares and one who never dares to play w me
no I can't getcha off my mind
if nothing's wrong it must be right
the way you left me with my heart right away

Uh-Oh! Uh-Oh!
slipped right out your hands and now it's cracked in half
Whoopsy Daisy!
told you that I had a heart of glass
Bye Bye Baby
you know you got what you came here for
Uh-Oh! Uh-Oh!
How'd U get away with this amour?

I just gave you all my lovin
turned out to be good for nothin
broke my heart and took it all w u
just when i thought u were into me you turned around and see and now you got me beggin


hey hey, what r u doin to me?
Track Name: Stay in Your Pictures
snap your picture
a flash and then you freeze
i'll keep you safe in my wallet
where only i can see
i promise that i wont spend you
i'm too scared of change

stay in your pictures
where i look but you can't see me
cause i cant have you watch what youre doin to me
cause then youll SEE

the only reason that i hate you
is cause you dont love me back
well, baby, I just want you to want me
stand so still
on the count of three say pleeeeaaaaase
Track Name: THE LOVE ABYSS (Shabooya Roll Call)
Tied my shoelaces together
while walking to the love abyss
now i am fallin, fallin in
though im not dead, i will be missed

you tricked me into fallin in love w u

i have not seen my friends for months
well, that's because ive been in love
and now that im back from "vacation"
theyve all moved on

and i have not